Our Story

Growing up in the 60’s was an exciting time of change for music, Elvis started it, the Beatles continued the revolution and music was never going to be the same.  Chuck couldn’t help but be drawn to music having grown up in a house with parents who listened to it all the time. They were only too glad to hear that he was interested in learning to play an instrument,  particularly acoustic guitars.  He would to go to Woolworth’s with friends to check them out.  Chuck’s dad bought him his first guitar at 8 years old - it was $25 and almost unplayable – but he was on his way. His second guitar, at 10 years old, was a Crown electric and by 11 years old he started performing in a neighborhood band.

At 18, he received a 12 string acoustic as a birthday present just before packing off to college. Soon after his arrival his dorm room became a place to hang out where newly-made friends would encourage Chuck to play for hours. An English class assignment requiring students to “do something with the arts” prompted him to write his first song.

While on a college break, his mother saw an ad in the paper for a musical theatrical production that was looking for singers and dancers and encouraged him to audition.  He bravely auditioned with an original song and an upbeat Dylan song.  Amazingly, they appreciated the raw talent and cast him for the lead role of Joseph in the production of “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat.”  It was an unbelievable experience for him and he continued working in professional theater for the next few years until starting a family.

Chuck continued writing songs and playing guitar over the next several years. Eventually he formed a 3-piece band named Hired Hands playing at popular venues throughout the tri county area of Lehigh, Bucks, and Montgomery counties. During that time the band was invited to open for the Bellamy Brothers at the Easton State Theater. Some of the great local musicians who performed in the band over the years were Gary Kalligher, Bill Sharrow, Craig Thatcher, Joe Triglia, Randy Wagner, Gene Fries, Chris Michaels, Steve Spatz and Josh Reed.

Having let theater, music and family side track his college ambitions, he eventually found his way back to earning a degree when he took advantage of a profitable solo career  using “sequencing” which was the latest technology and programmed all his own backup arrangements for the next five years.

With music still Chuck's main focus – he started his own landscaping business so he could finally have the flexibility in his life that he needed.  He started an open mic at The Summit, which was very artist friendly and would always accompany any newcomers that needed that boost to get up there on stage for the first time.  It was there that he met Sean Smith and Dennis Coleman.

As fellow singer-songwriters, they hit it off immediately.  Chuck put together a Singer-Songwriter Jamboree at Chaplin’s Theater and also recruited Chris Michaels and Dave Sullivan.  After a successful show, they formed a band called Brown Penny.  It was an original rock band with a Celtic flair and they played some great venues including Musikfest and Sellersville Theatre.

Chuck then moved his focus to re-creating Hired Hands with Josh Reed on bass and Steve Spatz on drums.   A few years later Chuck's son, Ben, joined the band.  He had a great idea to rename the band Generations, reflecting the father/son relationship.   An accomplished songwriter himself, they enjoyed several years together until  Ben's newly-started family and time restraints made it too difficult.  This created the opportunity to reconnect with former bandmate, Bill Sharrow.  Bill’s skill as a musician, producer, and sound engineer, opened the door for Chuck to make recordings that showcased his ability to write great songs.  They kept the Generations band name, this time to represent the decades of different music they drew from - music for everyone.

Currently, Chuck has just finished his newest CD "Backroads" - you can play or purchase songs via this website.  He is performing solo as the Street Box Strummer, (an organic one man band set up). and also as the Street Box Duo, the Street Box Band, and occasionally doing gigs as a freelance backup musician to various performers.

“My philosophy of music is to have fun with music and produce tunes people can relate to.  If you are not playing your originals then explore with covers and make educated and respectful changes to make them your own .  My songwriting style is truth based on fiction or fiction based on truth.  Sometimes it’s a mission - other times it is playing with words until they speak to you.”